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The trauma experienced by Christian children in Iraq and Syria has left a deep impression of pain on an entire generation. Their personal faith is often amazingly deep, as their tender age did not prevent them from having to ask the question “am I willing to die for Christ?” Islamic extremists such as ISIS make no distinction between adults and children, the militants will target any Christian regardless of age. Many children display symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, and treatment is not available. How this will affect an entire generation who will soon become adults has yet to be seen.  


01/04/2018 Syria (Christian Post) –   Christian children in conflict areas around the world are suffering through trauma that “no human should ever see,” says Open Doors USA, one of the biggest persecution watchdog groups in the world.

“The next generation of Christians in the Middle East, in Asia, in Central Asia, in places like Iraq and Syria, places like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and Afghanistan — these young Christians have been through trauma no human being should ever have to see,” David Curry of Open Doors USA told Mission Network News in an article posted on Tuesday.

“How can something good come from this? We’re going to help reach out, rebuild, and give some deeper context for these kids, give them assistance, give them the care they need so we can have a strong and healthy Body of Christ,” he added.

Curry said that in many terror attacks, such as the killing of nine Christians at a church south of Cairo last week, it is children who suffer the most.

“We have the ability as adults to sort of contextualize things, even in the most difficult situation. But imagine a child in that circumstance,” he noted.

He recalled the story of a young man named Noah from Iraq.

“His experience was like so many others. In the middle of the night, he was awakened by his parents and told, ‘ISIS is coming to attack us because we are Christians.’ So he had to leave everything in his house, even his most precious toys, everything. And when he came back, it was all destroyed,” Curry said.

The Open Doors CEO argued that many children have to ask questions that people in the West don’t have to deal with.

“Oftentimes, we see kids, like I was speaking with just last week, these young people from Iraq, their personal faith is so deep because they’ve had to decide, ‘Am I willing to die for this?'” he said.

Other Christian children are ostracized in communities where their faith is a minority, and are being singled out for deciding to follow Jesus, Curry added.

Some of the deadliest terror groups in the world, such as the Islamic State, called on attacks during the holiday season regardless of whether children are present.

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