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In August 2017, Christians found a cross demolished in a small village in the Indian state of Kerala.  The Christians went to the authorities asking for an investigation and for permission to rebuild the cross, which was granted. In November, unknown persons had demolished the cross again. Frustrated with the delays in the investigation, a group of women and children peacefully protested the cross’ destruction and the poor investigation yesterday. In response to the protest, authorities sent an all-male police squad to control the protest. The policing turned into clashes which injured 8 activists including a nun.

01/03/2018 India (Asia News) – Eight activists, including a nun, were injured in clashes with police in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala (in southern India), while participating in a protest march against the destruction of a Cross .

The incident occurred yesterday near the residence of Forestry Minister K. Raju. The march was organized by the Kerala Latin Catholic Women’s Association, a branch of the Kerala Regional Latin Catholic Church. Dozens of nuns and children took part, demonstrating against a Cross demolished in a village in the mountains.

Ramesh Chennithala, leader of the opposition in the state, denounces the use of force by the police, who reportedly used batons to disperse the women. The politician calls for the opening of an investigation against the perpetrators.

M.M. Hassan, president of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (Kpcc), condemns the incident and accuses the government “of having unleashed the police and used force to repress popular unrest. Such incidents cannot be tolerated at any cost. Also, there was not even a female agent among the officials deployed to control the demonstration. ”


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