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Eight people have been reportedly killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC). Most of these were Catholics who were attending protests on Sunday after their Church services. The protests were being staged against the president, Joseph Kabila, who was supposed to allow elections to go in 2016. So far, these elections for his successor have been delayed and are not known to be allowed any time soon. Police stormed the buildings where these protests were taking place and at least one officer was killed. The other seven were likely Christian protestors.


2018-01-02 DRC (ChristianTimes) At least eight people were killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday after security forces stormed Catholic churches across the country in an attempt to break up the protests against President Joseph Kabila.

Catholic activists have called for protests after Sunday worship to demand the resignation of Kabila, who had promised to hold an election to choose his successor by the end of 2017.

At least eight people were killed, including one policeman, as clashes broke out during a protest in the capital Kinshasa.

Police and soldiers set up roadblocks in order to prevent around a thousand people from taking part in the protest. Dozens of people were arrested, including 12 altar boys leading a protest in the nation’s capital.

Kabila had publicly stated that he will not extend his power beyond a two-term constitutional limit, but elections have been repeatedly delayed since the limit expired in December 2016.



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