Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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In a glimmer of hope for the future of Nigeria, Shia Muslims joined Christians at their Christmas celebrations in Kaduna, Nigeria. Kaduna has been one of the most violent states in Nigeria toward Christians and has had sharia law for more than a decade. This step forward might mean that some of those who are at risk for their faith in Nigeria may now feel a little safer. We pray that these groups would find common ground and that the violence that has plagued this state might end.


2017-12-30 Nigeria (Independent) A Muslim community group has visited a series of churches in a major Nigerian city to show their solidarity with its Christian population.

Members of the Islamic Movement, known as locally the Shia after their religious denomination, visited three major churches in Kaduna.

The city in the country’s northwest, has seen widespread religious violence in the past.

Nigeria has an almost equal number of Muslims and Christians but Islam dominates the north while Christianity is strong in the south.

Despite being part of the Muslim north, Kaduna has a significant Christian minority. The area has witnessed religious violence in the past.

Although, it remains relatively segregated after riots between February and May 2000 that began over the decision to implement Sharia law across Kaduna State.

Almost 1,000 people died in the violence, which also saw a number of homes and businesses destroyed. It only ended when the Nigerian army intervened to restore calm.


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