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A Gloomy Christmas Celebration for Nigerian Villagers This Year

12/26/2017 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that barely 48 hours before Christmas, suspected Fulani militants attacked Christian worshippers in Nimdem village, Southern Kaduna, Nigeria. The Christians were holding Christmas carols when, at approximately 10:00 p.m., gunmen struck, killing four and injuring 10. The four who were killed were named Jude Haruna, Turaki Dauda, Kaffi Ali, and Amos Musa.

In a press statement released today and made available to ICC by the Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU), signed by Yakubu Kuzamani, National Public Relations Officer, SOKAPU lamented, saying, “We have once again come under unprovoked and gruesome attack two days before Christmas.”  They further expressed, “This has left us wondering why people who had gathered peacefully for joyful Christmas carols in their village should be gunned down for no reasons.”

Confirming the attack, a local pastor, Gideon Mutum, said it happened “during an interdenominational carol that comes every Christmas with Bible quiz, drama, songs and preaching,” and that those critically injured were receiving treatment in different hospitals.

These attacks have become all too common for unsuspecting villagers in Nigeria’s Middle Belt. In 2017, there were more than 100 attacks on Christian villages by Fulani militants that left more than 200 innocent Christians massacred. Southern Kaduna, the state where this attack took place, has been one of the central locations of the violence in Nigeria.

Last year, the Fulani militants launched a similar attack on Goska village on Christmas Eve (December 24, 2016), killing five women and burning down several houses.

ICC’s Regional Manager, Nathan Johnson, stated, “The government in Nigeria must find a way to control the rampaging Fulani militants who have wreaked havoc on Christian farmers in central Nigeria. The devastation that they have wrought has left hundreds dead, and thousands without homes. If they are left unchecked, many more Christians will be left wondering, ‘When will it be me?‘”