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ICC Note: Women and Children have always been very vulnerable victims to Islamic radicals because they are seen and treated as second class citizens. If the victims are Christian, they are treated as if they have no value and are heavily oppressed.  Christians in Islamic dominated regions are bullied into converting to Islam and if they refuse, they are threatened with death. Unfortunately, only a few have survived to narrate their stories and make the world aware of what they had to endure.

 12/23/2017 Egypt (Gospel Herald) –  Two young Coptic Christian boys have recounted the horrific tale of how Muslim extremists in the Minya province of Egypt brutally murdered their father in front of them after he refused to deny Christ and embrace Islam.

Ayad, a Coptic Christian, had planned to take his two boys, Mina (10) and Marco (14), on a trip to Saint Samuel to show them his work as a skilled laborer earlier this year.

However, on their way to the monastery, a group of Muslim extremists attacked a bus full of Christian visitors on the road in front of them. Not knowing the attack was underway, Ayad drove ahead — and his vehicle, too, was attacked.

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