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The Evangelical Church Winning All(ECWA) has written a report that details 10 observations on the situation of Christians in northern Nigeria. In the report they claim that the northern states of Nigeria, which are under sharia law, have not allowed Christians to get jobs, or attend schools based on their faith. They are calling on the government in Nigeria to ensure that the discrimination and harassment end and that they get fair treatment according to federal law.


2017-12-21 Nigeria (ChristianDaily)

After a five-day pastors’ conference at the Bingham University in Nasawara State, Evangelical Church Winning All issued a communiqué that detailed 10 observations on the situation of Christians in northern Nigeria. The church also expressed concern over the deadly attacks of Fulani herdsmen and the lack of punitive action from the federal government against them, The Punch Nigeria detailed.

In addition, ECWA accused the federal and northern state governments of blocking the admission of Christians in universities and other higher education institutions, and of religious discrimination in the employment sector. The church said this apparent move against Christianity threatened the country’s unity.

“Closely related to this is the issue of employment, where again, many qualified persons are denied employment on the basis of their faith,” said ECWA. “As a denomination, we condemn these practices and call on the Federal Government to check these happenings as they constitute a grave threat to the unity of our dear country.”


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