Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: Islamic radicals are committed to destroying Christianity and expanding their jihad throughout the world. They brutally persecute Christians and call them infidels because they are a threat to their ideals and so called “Holy War.” Many Christians have been killed as a result of this oppression, but the rest have been forced to flee their homes and now share their experiences.

12/20/2017 Iraq (CBN News) – Christianity came to Iraq’s Nineveh Plain shortly after Christ’s death and resurrection. But ISIS did its best to wipe the modern-day descendants of those ancient Christians off the face of the earth. Now a father and son who survived that genocide have come to America to put a face on those who’ve been terrorized and persecuted.

Imagine you’re a pre-teen and ISIS troops are about to invade your town. You’re well aware they’ll likely kill you and most everyone you know. That’s just the situation eight members of the Binoo family faced one night in 2014.

“We were all afraid as we heard that ISIS was heading toward our town,” Noeh Binoo recalled.  “We were all scared.”

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