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The importance of Pakistan’s Christian community has recently been highlighted by the President of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry especially in relation to the community’s connection with Christmas. Christians have played a vital role in Pakistan’s history and foundation. Unfortunately, this importance is often ignored as radicals seek to highlight Pakistan as a Muslim only country. Will leaders highlighting the importance of Christians help reduce the discrimination and persecution they face on a daily basis? 

12/16/2017 Pakistan (Pakistan Today) – Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) President Sheikh Amir Waheed has lauded the role of the Christian community in socio-economic development at a ceremony organized in connection with Christmas.

The event was attended by Church of Pakistan Reverend Emmanuel Lorraine, Phool Group of Business Chairman Ch Rashid Farzand, ICCI Minority Welfare Sub-Committee Chairman Ch Ashraf Farzand and others.

The ICCI president said that the Christians around the world were preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who was sent to this world as a symbol of peace, brotherhood and respect for the humanity.

He said Jesus Christ not only healed the ailing humanity but preached the divine values of tolerance, love and compassion and Islam also kept these values in high esteem. He said that some forces were working to create sectarianism in the country and stressed that “we have to foil such efforts with inter-faith harmony and unity”.

The ICCI president said that “we have formed a Minorities Welfare Sub-Committee to make sure that we play our part in giving opportunities to minorities in Pakistan”.

ICCI Senior Vice President Muhammad Naveed and ICCI Vice President Nisar Mirza also addressed the ceremony and said that all minorities, including Christian community, have to work hard for the development of Pakistan, whishing Christian community on Christmas.

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