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ICC Note: Christians in Pakistan are not seen or considered as equal citizens, but as second class citizens. This type of discrimination has led to many human right violations in which Christians are brutally persecuted and the authorities choose to do nothing about it. Christian celebrations are not respected by others in the country and the government is an accomplice because they also interfering with them.

12/15/2017 Pakistan (Eurasia Review) – Christians in Pakistan are aggrieved that an official blind eye has been turned to requests for Christmas exemptions to annual load-shedding power cuts.

“There will be no electricity, especially in Christian-majority settlements on Christmas, I can bet on it,” Father Inayat Bernard told ucanews.

The rector of the Sacred Heart Cathedral of Lahore was referring to power cuts that resumed across the country this month.

There are four-hour daily cuts to the supply of electricity as temperatures fall to minus 12°C in some areas.

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