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ICC Note: A missionary retells the story of how a Burmese Christian family survived radical Buddhists’ attack and forgave them. The act itself then brought four radicals to Christ. Buddhist radicals are a threat to religious minorities in Myanmar, as they often target, harass, and attack believers of other religions, especially Christians and Muslims. The level of persecution places Myanmar to be number 28 on Open Doors; World Watch List. 

12/15/2017 Myanmar (Christian Times) – A missionary has recounted how a persecuted Christian family in Myanmar became bold witnesses for Christ after they forgave a mob who tried to kill them for their faith.

While Myanmar has drawn international criticism for its persecution of the Muslim Rohingya minority group, Christians also face intense persecution from Buddhist extremists in the country.

The Buddhist-majority nation has been ranked on Open Doors’ World Watch List at number 28, with a “very high” Christian persecution rating, according to Mission Network News.

“The persecution that [Christians] face there is different. It’s in the form of Buddhism. And I think a lot of times we think of Buddhism as a peaceful religion, but it’s very aggressive and violent towards Christians,” Greg Kelley, who works with World Mission, explained.

Kelley shared the story of a family that was attacked by a mob shortly after they converted to Christianity. He narrated that a local Buddhist monk was infuriated after learning about their conversion and mobilized a mob of 100 people to surround the family’s home.

Apart from the new Christian family, another Christian family was staying with them, so there were four adults and five children in the house at the time of the attack.

“The Buddhist monk and the mob surrounded [the house] with rocks. Some of them were ten pounds — I mean, these were large rocks. And they threw hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rocks at this home to show their displeasure with them coming to know Christ,” Kelley recounted.

The parents protected the children by shielding them and putting metal boxes over their heads. The families survived the attack, although they suffered injuries. When the villagers came to see the home the next day, they found the families emerging out of the home.

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