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An ex-Muslim leader came to Christ in Somalia due to outreach done by World mission. Now that he has come to Christ, he has decided to become a radical missionary for Christ in Somalia. He calls himself a “manhunter”. This is even though Somalia is one of the worst persecutors of Christians in the world. It is a country that is 99 percent Muslim and follows Sharia law for their constitution. His amazing faith and love of Christ has helped bring people to God despite the danger.


2017-12-14 Somalia (ChristianPost)

Although Somalia is one of the most dangerous countries for Christians in the world, the Gospel is on the rise there thanks to the efforts of converts who choose to risk everything to follow Jesus, a missions group has said.

Greg Kelley of World Mission said in a Mission Network News article on Wednesday that believers in Somalia, which is 99 percent Muslim, face persecution both from Islamic extremists and in ethic disputes.

“People are coming to know Jesus,” Kelley said, speaking of a report the group received from its contacts on the ground.

“So that was so encouraging to us in and of itself but it’s really at great risk and at great cost. The Lord is using our solar-powered audio Bible, called the Treasure, in the Somali language.”

One story of a convert that abandoned his Islamic faith for Christianity particularly stands out, Kelley added.


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