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ICC Note-

The Lamu County Commissioner has stated that local intel sources believe there will be attacks by Islamist groups in the coming weeks. There have been reports that Jaysh Ayman, a terrorist group with ties to al-Shabaab are planning attcks during the festival season due to large moving of crowds and easy religious targets. We pray for the safety of those who will be celebrating Christmas this season in Kenya’s most attacked County.


2017-12-13 Kenya (Zipo)

Lamu County commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo said intel shows militants from Jaysh Ayman, an Islamist insurgent group with ties to al Shabaab, were planning attacks during the festive seasons.

Lamu County commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo. He has warned of looming terror attacks during the festive season.

“Jaysh Ayman movements have been spotted in Ijara side. We cannot sit and wait until when the militants strike and kill again, we are calling upon members of the public to give information that will assist us to strike their base” the county head said.

The little known militant group which is made up of Kenyan and foreign jihadists, has been active in parts of Lamu, Tana River and Garissa since 2014, the Standard reports.

The county boss went on to add that the militants had warned of attacks on Jamhuri Day, on Christmas Day, December 31 and on New Year’s day.

Just recently, on September the 5th, al Shabaab militants killed four Kenyans in Hindi, Lamu West County on the night of Tuesday, September 5.

A month earlier, on August 28, two KDF soldiers lost their lives and three more were seriously injured following an IED attack in Lafey, Mandera on August 28, 2017.

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