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ICC Note: The crisis in Syria continues to prevail and affect the most vulnerable in society. Children have been deprived from many of their human rights, including their education. Christian children are the most affected among their group since they are brutally murdered also simply because of their faith.

 12/11/2017 Syria (Relief Web) –   Continuing violence across East Ghouta, some 10km outside the Syrian capital, Damascus, has reportedly led to the closure of most schools in the area over the past month and stranded scores of children in need of medical evacuation.

One hundred and thirty-seven children, aged 7-months to 17-years require immediate medical evacuation for conditions ranging from kidney failure to severe malnutrition and conflict related injuries. Five children have reportedly died as they couldn’t access the medical care they needed.

East Ghouta, one of the remaining besieged areas in Syria, is home to an estimated 400,000 people who have been almost completely cut off from humanitarian assistance since 2013.

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