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ICC Note-

Between December 3 and 5, there were coordinated attacks by Fulani Militants on villages in Adamawa State. According to reports given to World Watch Monitor by local villagers who survived the attacks, the Fulani who conducted the attack were seen carrying machineguns, RPGs and AK-47s. All of these weapons are illegal for citizens to carry around. They also show the extreme force that the Fulani are willing to use. Due to these attacks, more than 50 people have been killed and thousands have lost their homes. The government’s inability to properly address the Fulani violence has led to these increasingly large and dangerous attacks. If nothing is done soon, militias from the Christians will start to fight back, creating a war.


2017-12-11 Nigeria (WorldWatchMonitor)

I watched helplessly as the Fulani herdsmen killed people and burnt houses. They did this with glee on their faces. Numan [Local Government Area] and its environs belong to us. If the government cannot protect us, then we have no choice but to protect our land, our heritage and the territory of our ancestors. That is all we have to hand on to our children.”

These are the words of Pwanedo Justin, who fled his village in north-eastern Adamawa state when two headmen were killed on 3 December.

This most recent attack by suspected Fulani herdsmen, as confirmed by eyewitnesses, appears to have been a reaction to the massacre of over 60 Fulani women and children in three villages in Numan Local Government Area (LGA) on 19 November by Bachama youths, whose Bachama tribe is predominantly Christian.

On Friday 1 December, there were concerns that Numan could be under attack by Fulani herdsmen. Policemen were deployed to Dowaya, a suburb within Numan, to provide security and keep peace. In response to this, the Fulani herdsmen brutally murdered six policemen.

Two days after this attack, the herdsmen moved to Justin’s village, Dong, and nearby Lawuro in Demsa LGA.


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