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ICC Note: Women and children are vulnerable targets for Islamic radicals. If they are Christian, then they are considered a double target because of their gender and religion. Unfortunately, the abuse on women or children is not only limited to the differences in religion. Authorities also abused of their power many times to manipulate and prey on the weakest ones in society.

12/8/2017 Nigeria (The Cable) – Some security officials in the north-east have been accused of preying on the victims they have been assigned to protect.

Last year alone, countless cases of rape and sexual violence were reported in seven internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Borno state.

According to a report by New York Times, one Falmata, who was reportedly abducted from her home and raped repeatedly by Boko Haram fighters for three years, recently had a raw deal in the hands of some soldiers at a camp in Dalori, Borno state.

She was said to have escaped after slipping into the bush while her captors slept.

Fourteen years old and alone, she made it to the camp and had just settled in for the night when she heard footsteps outside her tent.

A security officer’s voice reportedly instructed her to come out and she obeyed.

He was said to have taken her to his quarters, where she was allegedly raped. Hours later, after she had returned to her tent, another officer was also said to have arrived.

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