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ICC Note: Christians in Nigeria live in fear as a result of the persecution they face. This hostility against Christians continues to expand globally. However, persecution cases do not get enough international media attention since the war on Christianity is also oppressing their voice.

 12/7/2017 Nigeria (Mission Network News) –  In mid-October, four British missionaries were abducted by a Nigerian cult in the southern part of the country. A day later, one of those missionaries, Ian Squires, was dead. His companions, who were released a few weeks later, say he was shot after leading the group in singing “Amazing Grace.”

David Curry of Open Doors USA explains that Squires had been doing medical work for the locals. According to Daily Mail, Squires was particularly passionate about providing eye care for people who otherwise wouldn’t have it. He was even credited with creating a machine that enabled them to make glasses in rural areas.

Curry says, “It’s just another example of what’s happening in Nigeria, although in a different vein. Nigeria is a country that’s divided into—you’ve got the southern portion that’s largely Christian, but you have tribal factions in the north. You have these extremists from Boko Haram. It’s a country that is being pulled in a lot of directions.”

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