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ICC Note: The persecution of Christians continues to prevail, but is not getting the international attention it deserves. Several countries in Africa violate the basic human rights of Christians without any repercussions. For example, Eritrea has prohibited worship gatherings for Christians, but has changed tactics by now arresting Christian families from their homes for simply praying. Furthermore, children are also victims of persecution since they are also sent to prison with their families.

12/4/2017 Eritrea (Christian Post) – Entire evangelical Christian families, including children, are reportedly being arrested in new persecution tactics being used by Eritrean officials, human rights activists have said.

“Since May of this year, nearly 200 Christians have been arrested. The interesting thing about this — they have shifted tactics … Instead of just raiding church services or Bible studies, now the government is going to the homes of Christians, and they’re arresting the whole family,” Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs USA told Mission Network News.

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