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The persecution of Christians in India has continued to increase with the country recently being ranked 15th in the top 50 list of the world’s worst persecutors of Christians. Many have blamed this dramatic rise in persecution on the election of the current BJP-led government and their unwillingness to confront radical Hindu nationalist groups operating across India. Despite this persecution, Christianity continues to grow in India.  

11/30/2017 India (MNN) – The persecution of Christians in India has been discussed, shared, and observed. In 2013, Open Doors USA put the country on notice, ranking them 31st on the World Watch List’s worst 50 countries for Christian persecution. But just four years later, the alarming rate of persecution has brought India to 15th, and the question is: why?

Erik Morsehead with Mission India shares, “In India, over 60 percent of Christians experience direct persecution…. Forty persecution incidents are reported per month on average.”

The spike in Christian persecution is largely because anti-Christian extremism in India is rising. And while India’s cities tend to be more diverse and accepting of minority faiths, Morsehead says attacks on Christians aren’t isolated to one region or demographic.

“It can take many forms…. Where we run our Adult Literacy Classes, we had one student who became a believer and that meant that her relatives and family stopped including her in family events,” he shares.

“Another one where we had a Church Planter, it meant that he was cut off from the village’s electricity and water supply and was depending on God for where to sleep while his neighbors threw dead animals at his house to show how disgusted they were with him making the decision to follow Christ.”

For some Indian believers, being a Christian even means dying for their faith.

“Pastors have been shot. Church members have been beaten…. It’s disheartening, but it also means that a lot of things are taking place, that God is moving in mighty ways and people are recognizing that. When people recognize that and they disagree with that, they’re going to do everything in their power to stop it.”

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