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ICC Note: Following the Communist Party’s 19th Congress, the Chinese government is cementing tighter control over religious believers. Even Taiwan, the neighboring self-ruling state is affected by that. Chen Wenshan, Assistant Professor of Taiwan’s Yushan Theological College and Seminary said that some churches in Taiwan practice “self-restrain” on sensitive subjects in order to be able to evangelize in China. Some of their funding sources for major events might even come from Chinese government.

11/27/2017 Taiwan (UCA News) – Some churches in Taiwan are self-censoring in order to be allowed to operate in mainland China, a symposium has been told.

This comes in the wake of the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th Congress, which cemented tighter controls over religious believers.

Chen Wenshan, Assistant Professor of Taiwan Yushan Theological College and Seminary, at a Nov. 14 Global Taiwan Institute symposium, referred to churches in Taiwan that practiced “self-restraint” on sensitive subjects in order to be able to preach in China.

She also noted that churches in Hong Kong are being adversely affected by stricter Chinese controls over religion.

Some professors in Hong Kong theological seminaries also now chose “silence” over talking about controversial issues, she told ‘Voice of America’ radio after the symposium.

Chen noted that the Taiwanese government is considering setting up an investigation into funding sources of some churches in Taiwan that had been able to organize “big events.”

The implication was that Mainland China could be the ultimate source of such covert financial support.

Chen also noted that the previous longtime Kuomintang rulers of Taiwan kept churches under surveillance and monitored their publications.

She noted that some Christian NGO workers in mainland China would only express their “real thoughts” in private or when visiting Hong Kong.

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