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ICC Note: Christian man in Vietnam recounts how he came to Christ and how he has been secretly distributing Bibles in his country. Last year alone, Bao distributed more than 100,000 children Bibles throughout the country. Vietnam, the Buddhist-majority nation forces many churches to gather in secret and does not fare well in its treatment to Christians. Though his action could be life-threatening, he wants to continue to advance God’s Kingdom in Vietnam. 

11/21/2017 Vietnam (Christian Post) – A Christian in Vietnam is said to have distributed more than 100,000 children’s Bibles in one of the most hostile countries for believers, risking his life that he says God once saved from suicide.

Thirty-three year-old Bao, who works with persecution watchdog group Open Doors USA in the Bible distribution program, said he became a believer 14 years ago while he was still in high school.

“I thought life had no meaning,” he recalled. “I felt empty — I wanted to commit suicide. My house was near a river, and many times I walked past it and thought: What if I just jump into the river to die?”

His Christian friends invited him to church at the time, and at first he struggled to understand why they appeared so joyful. Bao challenged God to prove that He is real, which he said happened one day during worship when he felt “God’s Spirit come and touch me.”

“My life completely changed, and I had a desire to serve Him,” he recounted.

Open Doors says that Bao, now a father of two in Ho Chi Minh City, has smuggled more than 100,000 children’s Bibles throughout Vietnam, risking his life in the Buddhist-majority nation that forces many churches to gather in secret.

The risks come with the award of seeing people dedicate their life to Christ, he said, and noted that six years ago he stayed at the home of a local man while traveling in the country and shared the Gospel with him.

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