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Fulani herdsman have said that they will resist any order for them to stop their nomadic grazing lifestyle. This is problematic as it shows that they have no desire to end the violence that has been plaguing the Middle Belt of Nigeria for many years. So far this year, Fulani militants have killed at least 392 Christians in over 90 attacks. Many if not all of these attacks could be avoided if the Fulani would move their cattle onto ranches or land that they specifically owned. This would stop them from grazing over others land and keep them from trying to take land from others. We pray that they follow the laws established by their government meant to protect them and those they often kill.


2017-11-22 Nigeria (Vanguard) Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria have vowed not to accept cattle ranching because the country’s geographical location was not suitable for it.

According to the herders, the anti-open grazing laws being established by state governments would die a natural death like ‘political sharia law’ in Zamfara.

Addressing newsmen, yesterday, in Abuja, through their socio-cultural association, under the aegis of Miyetti-Allah Kautal Hore, the Fulani insisted that events in history showed that ranching was not practicable in Nigeria.

To this end, they urged the Federal Government to immediately stop state governments from enacting anti-open grazing laws.

National Secretary of Miyetti-Allah Kautal Hore, Saleh Alhassan, who read the association’s prepared speech to newsmen at the event, called on the Federal Government to stop state governments, especially Benue and Taraba states, from going ahead with implementing the laws.

He said: “The whole experiment of ranching in Nigeria is a total failure, you can google it, it’s there on the Internet for everyone to see.

“ Right from the 70s,the old Gongola State had experimented ranching, the same with Kaduna State and even the old Plateau State. All the ranches collapsed because the geographical location of this country is not suitable for ranching.

“In places where there are successful ranching in the world, the volume of rain per annum in those areas is at least four to seven months, that’s why you have grasses that can naturally be sustained.

“At the same time, you must have the necessary breeds that will support even ranching. The current breeds we have in this country cannot be supported by ranching.

“Anywhere you keep these volume of cows we have now, for two weeks, they will eat out everything and you will have ecological disaster, “he said.

“ We view the anti-grazing law as an agenda to destroy our means of livelihood by visionless and desperate politicians.

“Anti-grazing laws are nothing but populist agenda designed by visionless and desperate politicians to destroy our means of livelihood.


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