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The Five Church leaders who were arrested in Omdurman, Sudan on October 22, had their court appearance today after being charged with “public nuisance”. This was because they refused to cancel worship services when ordered to by a government appointed committee. The government has been using this committee to sell off church property in and around the capital city in an attempt to rid Sudan of Christianity. These five are just the latest in a string of arrests and demolitions this year. This court case has also been suspended multiple times so far, in order to keep the leaders from returning to normal life. We hope that these men are protected and justice is done. 


2017-11-21 Sudan (Premier) Four pastors are due in court on Tuesday to face charges of “public nuisance” after participating in worship and prayer at a church in Sudan.

The group is expected to appear before a judge in the Al Thawra neighbourhood of the country’s second-largest city, Omdurman, Middle East Concern (MEC) reports.

The charity, which advocates for believers facing pressure because of their faith, urged Christians to pray for Ayoub Talian Tutu, Ali Al Hakiem Alam, Imperator Hammad and Habeil Ibrahim, as well as a fifth defendant.

In a statement, it said: “[Pray] for wisdom and peace for [the defendants] and their lawyer as the legal proceedings continue, [and] that the judge will act fairly and acquit all men.”

The five men were detained on Sunday 22nd October when they refused to heed demands from authorities that they vacate a Sudan Church of Christ (SCOC) building in Omdurman.

The fifth defendant has been named as Sheikh Abdelbagi Tutu, the Church’s Executive Committee member.

According the MEC, the Sudanese government’s Ministry of Endowments has appointmented a new committee to oversee the church.

The SCOC maintains that the Ministry has no power to create a new administration to control who can worship at the church and at what time.


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