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A Muslim Ugandan teacher posed as a Christian so that he could work in the Christian School, Hope of Glory International Nursery and Primary School. When the other teachers and the administrators found out that he was teaching the students about Islam and how to become a Muslim, they called for his suspension. He had lied and said his name was Simon Siraji when it was in fact Mugooda Siraji. When he was confronted, he attacked the head administrator. Several days after his suspension, he returned to the school and attacked the Director with a blunt object, while reportedly shouting “Allah Akbar”.


2017-11-16 Uganda (MorningStarNews) Students at a Christian elementary school in eastern Uganda fear for their lives after a Muslim posing as a Christian teacher attacked the school director, sources said.

Some of the children at Hope of Glory International Nursery and Primary School have been afraid to return to class after Mugooda Siraji attacked school director Hassan Muwanguzi on Nov. 4, according to head teacher Eric Kakonge. The school is located in Kabuna village, Budaka District.

Siraji struck the school director days after school board leaders asked him to take a leave of absence when they learned he had misrepresented himself and was trying to teach the children how to practice Islam, Kakonge said.

“Siraji came to our class and openly said he was a Muslim, and that his real name was Mugooda Siraji and not Simon Siraji,” a fourth-grade child told a school official, according to Kakonge. “He has been introducing to us Islamic ablution and how to be a true Muslim by believing in Allah and Muhammad.”

Members of the school board questioned Siraji on Nov. 1.

“We as the board learned that you did not provide to us the right profile of yourself, and that you have been propagating Islamic religion, which is against the school principles, which are based on Christian foundations,” a board leader told him. “Therefore, the school administration recommends that you step aside as we carry on further investigations.”

Siraji reluctantly accepted, and then he left the school as the administration began further investigations, Kakonge said.

On Nov. 4 at around 4:30 p.m., Siraji entered the school compound and strode to Kakonge’s office, where Muwanguzi, the school director, was meeting with him. Siraji forced his way into the office shouting “Allah Akbar” and hit Muwanguzi with a blunt object, Kakonge said.

“Muwanguzi suffered face and right hand injuries, with serious bleeding from the face,” Kakonge said.


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