Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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By Linda Jones

11/16/2017 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – The civil war in Burma has affected at least three million people over the last 60 years. The conflict has historical, political, and religious backgrounds that continue to affect people in the country. Unfortunately, following their independence from the British, the new Burmese government has brutally targeted Christians and other minority groups without justification. Army troops usually attack Christian villages to destroy their churches and properties, leaving the victims vulnerable and without homes.

Displaced victims usually end up at internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in the Kachin mountains, where they encounter other victims with health problems, a lack of hygiene, and malnourishment. Furthermore, IDP camps face many other challenges since they are exposed to landmines, cold winters, and the risk of being discovered by the Burma Army.

ICC was made aware of the situation; thus, we decided to team up with a partner organization and provide the support that our brothers and sisters needed.

Thanks to the assistance, loyalty, and support of our donors once again, ICC has been able to implement six missions in Burma along with local partners. In the previous missions, ICC provided winter clothing, school supplies, and food to assist the victims. This last mission consisted of providing medicine for at least 1,500 victims in the Christian IDP camp located in Kachin state. The demand for medical attention in the camps is very high, but with this provision, we hope that many people in the camp get the attention and medicine they so desperately need.

One nurse reported, “The first night in Sha It Yang we discovered a baby was suffering from severe diarrhea and could not eat or drink.  Our medics gave medicine and our rangers prayed with the mother who was distraught, thinking that her baby might not live through the night.  The following morning the child began to recover and the mother came back to us joyful that her child was healing.  For that family we provided help.  There are many such cases in which help is not available.  Health care in the camps is basic, though the Kachin nurses serving do their best with the resources available to do what they can.”

Christians in Kachin state and other parts of Burma continue to be severely persecuted by the government. The majority of these victims have already lost hope since they were forced to leave everything behind and begin their lives elsewhere. Please remember to pray for God’s provision as partners on the ground continue to serve the persecuted. Also, ask God for the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing of the victims who have endured so much with their families.