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ICC Note:

A pro-ISIS media outlet is encouraging Egypt’s Muslims to attack Coptic Christians and blow up their churches. ISIS has described Coptic Christians as their “favorite pray”, and this year has been an especially brutal year for Egypt’s Christian community. The Sinai region in particular has become a dangerous area for Christians because of ISIS. Earlier this year, hundreds of Christians escaped the Sinai city of al-Arish because of ISIS. This year has also seen multiple massacres committed by ISIS towards Coptic communities. Rather than protecting Christians from extremists, the government responds to these kinds of threats by closing churches and preventing Christians from practicing their faith. This kind of response only encourages extremists in their pursuit of eliminating Christianity from the region.


11/15/2017 Egypt (Fides) –   Coptic Christians in Egypt do not accept the condition of submission imposed on Christians in Islamic societies: they continue to build churches and even promote television networks to spread the Christian proclamation.

This is why they must be attacked as “infidel fighters”, and their churches must be blown up. This is, in short, the message of instigation: to carry out new violence against Egyptian copts contained in a dossier widespread in recent days by the Wafa Media Foundation, a jihadist propaganda body considered affiliated to the network of the Islamic State (Daesh).

In 2017 alone, Jihadist terrorism committed three massacres regarding Coptic Christians, as well as several murders. On April 9, Palms Sunday, attacks were carried out on two coptic churches – one in Tanta region and one in Alexandria – causing 45 deaths and more than 130 wounded. On May 26, a terrorist assault against a coach of pilgrims in the governorate of Minya caused the death of 28 Copts.

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