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Although the ceasefire that the Sudanese government made with the SPLM is still holding, they are still persecuting the people of the Nuba Mountains in another way. They still do not allow outside aid from NGOs or other agencies to assist in these peoples desperate situations. The war, the famine, and the drought have all led to the Nuba people’s awful plight. There are tens of thousands of displaced people who have no access to infrastructure like hospitals, electricity, and running water. They are alos unable to grow food due to the drought and the ravaged land.


2017-11-14 Sudan (WorldWatchMonitor) Six years of civil war between Sudan’s government troops and the SPLM-N rebels, fighting for self-determination, has destroyed communities and infrastructure in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan, southern Sudan.

It has resulted in hundreds of thousands of displaced people, humanitarian aid blocked and markets made inaccessible. The severe drought affecting most of East Africa has exacerbated the situation further. Basic services such as medical support and education are almost non-existent. Those suffering most are widows and children.

“There was no rain and we are facing a food shortage,” one church leader told World Watch Monitor. “We are very concerned that our people will not be able to sustain themselves for much longer”.

Sudan’s Christians face ‘ethnic cleansing’

“Eventually some will cross into government controlled areas, and that will be disastrous,” he said. “They will run into inhumane soldiers. Young girls are especially at risk. We really need support, but not enough aid is coming in.”


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