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The Christian Association(CAN) of Nigeria has called to question President Muhamadu Buhari’s lack of response to the Fulani militant killings in Nigeria. They believe that he has not denounced the attacks appropriately. They also wanted to know why the militants who have been attacking these villages have not been arrested or punished for their many violent crimes. CAN leadership were very disturbed and hurt that none of the attackers of the attack on MIango villages have been found or tried, even though there are government security personnel staged in that area. 


2017-11-13 Nigeria (WorldWatchMonitor) The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the main umbrella organization of the major Churches, has expressed concern to President Muhammadu Buhari over ongoing violence by Fulani herdsmen in the country’s Middle Belt states.

Throughout September and October, repeated attacks against Christian communities left more than 75 dead, according to an NGO on the ground, Stefanos Foundation.

It reported on the attacks and interviewed the victims. Throughout the course of the violence, 12 villages were attacked. In addition to the casualties, 489 homes were burned, and 13,726 people displaced, it says. The victims identified the perpetrators as Fulani militants.

On Friday (10 Nov), in their first meeting since his election two years ago, the President of CAN said he asked Buhari why herdsmen who apparently carry out these killings are not arrested, The Cable reports.

Rev. Samson Ayokunle recalled a recent mass killing which shattered the relative calm gained by Plateau State, which has previously been an epicenter of sectarian violence:

“Recently I went to a village called Ancha in Bassa local government of Plateau state where 21 Christians were killed overnight by herdsmen. My church in that village lost 20 members out of the 21 and we gave them a mass burial. It was a gory sight to behold.’’


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