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ICC Note: The remains of Meng Li Si and Li Xinheng, the two Chinese missionaries who were killed by Islamic State in Pakistan this past summer was returned to their families earlier this month. The two were brought by a Korean to evangelize in Quetta, Pakistan last November but were abducted and killed six months ago. Their death triggered heated discussion in and outside the Chinese church.

11/08/2017 China (China Christian Daily) – The cremated remains of two preachers killed in Pakistan in June was returned to China and to their families on November 2, 2017, after confirmation by DNA testing.

The memorial service for was held in a Wuhan Church on Nov. 4, according to a WeChat account called “Horn of Grace and Faith”.

The Chinese government earlier stated that it would respect the will of their families in bringing back the remains. The families could head to Pakistan or the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan could bring them back to China.

Another Christian WeChat account shared that the mother of Li published a related standing order and a prayer request on the issue. On May 24, the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan confirmed the kidnapping of the Chinese missionaries Meng, 26, and Li, 24, in Quetta, the capital city of Baluchistan province in Pakistan. A report from Global Times claimed that their foreign correspondents learned that the teachers were brought by a Korean to evangelize in Zhenna Town of Quetta, where a language training center was opened by Koreans, last November. AFP reported that the Chinese couple was kidnapped while dining with another Chinese woman in a local restaurant.

On June 8, 2017, Reuters reported that Islamic State killed them.

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