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Despite the 99 percent Muslim majority and ongoing persecution, Christianity in Tunisia has been growing in the last few years. Mustapha, who converted to Christianity some time ago, now spends time trying to merge Christian faith into the Tunisian culture. Due to their Muslim background, many Tunisians have a hard time understanding that the Christian faith is about people, members, and ministry. Nevertheless, considering the growth of some Christian churches, Mustapha is optimistic about the future of Christianity in Tunisia, although persecution will continue.  

11/09/2017 Tunisia (Christian Daily) – Tunisia, a country whose population is made up of 99 percent of Sunni Muslims, is reportedly enjoying a growth in the Christian community since the year 2000, despite the ongoing persecution and rejection of the faith by society.

Mustapha, a full-time worker for the Church in Tunis, told Open Doors USA that he believed the number of Muslims in their country continues to drop each day. Although Christianity first made an appearance in the ’70s through foreigners, he said the Church in Tunisia only started to have real growth after 2000.

A former Muslim who later embraced the Christian faith, Mustapha now spends many hours a week contextualizing Christianity into the Tunisian environment. He recalled that they began with house churches because they had no church buildings of their own. They were then eventually permitted to use a church in 2006 that foreigners had utilized before. While they began with only six people, they now have around 90 members of different age groups.

According to Mustapha, one of the challenges that their church had to face was to create a house of worship that suited their situation. They also had to deal with the lack of a model that they could pattern their ministries after, which meant they had to create their own system of training and preaching.


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