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A 13 year old Christian girl was kidnapped in the Nigerian State of Yobe and was going to be given to a Muslim man for marriage. This was to end her life as a Christian and force her to become Muslim herself. Abduction, forced conversion and forcible marriage of Christian girls occurs much more often in the 12 northern states of Nigeria which adopted Sharia (Islamic law) in the 2000s. Thankfully, she was rescued four days after the kidnap. She was saved from the Emir of Gusau’s palace after the incident became public knowledge.


2017-11-09 Nigeria (WorldWatchMonitor) A pastor’s 13-year-old daughter, kidnapped in northeast Nigeria last week to be converted to Islam and married off, was released yesterday (5 November) after four days in captivity.

Hauwa Dadi, from the village of Gashua in Yobe State, is the daughter of the former local secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria.

According to the Stefanos Foundation, an advocacy group, Hauwa had gone to help her twin brother push water home on a cart, locally known as a “push push”, when she disappeared last Thursday (1 November).

When her mother, Deborah, went to look for her, she was told that her daughter had been kidnapped by her neighbours and taken to the Imam of Gashua.

She then reported the matter to the police. Hauwa was eventually freed from the Emir of Gashua’s palace, according to Punch, Nigeria.

Reacting to her daughter’s release, Mrs Dadi told media: “They do this to us [Christians] because we are few.”

Abduction, forced conversion and forcible marriage of Christian girls is particularly prevalent in northern Nigeria, where Islam is the main religion. The 12 northern states of Nigeria adopted Sharia (Islamic law) in the 2000s. Though it was, in theory, meant to be applied solely to Muslims, it has reinforced pressure and discrimination faced by Christians in daily life.


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