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A North Korean defector is sharing her story of a brutal life inside North Korea. Grace Jo defected to the US with the help of a missionary but not before she spent several years in child labor camps, watched her mother go to prison, and lost her father, two brothers, and grandmother to starvation. Her experience is not abnormal in North Korea and it is vital that we share such stories to let other people know about the atrocities that occur in North Korea and how we can help. Grace Jo will share her testimony on November 18 at a prayer night co-hosted by One Body and International Christian Concern. For more information about the event, visit

11/08/2017 North Korea (Christian Post) – A North Korean defector has shared what life is like for children sent to horrific, overcrowded “orphanage shelters” while their parents are imprisoned by the authoritarian Kim regime.

Grace Jo, a 26-year-old defector who came to the United States as a refugee with her mother and sister in 2008 and now helps lead an organization that facilitates the escape and rescue of victimized North Koreans, shared her experiences of being imprisoned as a child after being caught twice with her family while trying to flee the oppressive nation.

Jo told The Christian Post in a recent interview that although she doesn’t recall ever being tortured by the government, she does remember what it was like when she, her mother and sister had to do hard labor for the Kim regime — whether on the construction site or on the farm.

She explained that on two separate occasions while her mother was imprisoned, she was sent to orphanage shelters.

Jo, whose father, two brothers and grandmother passed away from starvation, said she was sent to an orphanage shelter with her sister when she was about 11 and was also sent to another orphanage shelter by herself when she was about 14.

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