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By Linda Jones

11/09/2017 Washington, DC (International Christian Concern)-  On April 2 2015, al-Shabaab militants attacked Garissa University College in Kenya; they killed almost 148 people and injured approximately 79 others, the majority whom were Christians. Two of the injured victims were university students: Rachael Gikonyo and Annastaciah Mikwa.

Rachael survived with seven gunshots to the chest, leg, and back. As a result, she now suffers from paralysis in her lower body and is forced to use a wheelchair. Even though she has already been treated in Kenya and India, she still needs further treatment in India and her chances of walking again are very limited.


Annastaciah also survived with several gunshots to her waist, rendering her unable to walk without the support of crutches. She has been treated in Kenya, but still needs to see her doctor for checkups and physiotherapy sessions.


In 2015 and 2016, International Christian Concern (ICC) helped both of these victims by visiting them to provide spiritual support, deliver food packages, cover some of their medical equipment, and assist with some of their medical bills. However, both families have had a difficult time trying to cover their college tuition and new medical expenses. Therefore, we decided to help Rachael and Annastaciah with their education.

Thanks to the support of faithful donors, ICC was able to cover 75% of Rachael’s tuition at Kenyatta University and 100% of Annastaciah’s tuition at Embu University. With ICC’s assistance, they began their sophomore year in September 2017.

Rachael is very grateful for this blessing and opportunity, “The burden has not been easy for our family because I am still using adult diapers that are very expensive and my sister is in school too.  This education assistance will go a long way in releasing the heavy load on my unemployed father.”

Annastaciah also expressed her gratitude for being able to continue her education, “The ICC has always shown unmatched care and support from the time I was discharged from the hospital. They have visited me at home, bought us food and provided transport for my hospital checkups. Now they have cleared my full academic year tuition fee. What an awesome feeling I have right now. May God bless you and all the effort you are doing in praying and supporting Christians who are suffering.”

Even though ICC has had a strong relationship with these victims, there is still a lot left to do for them. Therefore, we hope to continue this assistance for them and plan to implement other projects with Garissa University victims in the future.

Please remember to pray for God’s provision so that Rachael and Annastaciah can achieve their academic goals and pay off their medical treatments. Pray also for the physical, spiritual, and psychological healing of both girls since they have had to endure a lot for choosing to follow Christ. It is not easy to be a persecuted Christian, but it is imperative for us to show them that they are not alone and provide them with our support.