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Kenya is in the midst of its worst political struggle and violence in more than a decade. This year’s presidential election has been clouded by protests, suspicion, violence and potential corruption. This is a very bad situation, as Kenya is the most stable and prosperous country in East Africa. It is also the hub for most Christian Organizations and non-profit work that takes place in Eastern Africa. If Kenya does split, it will mean more war and tragedy in an area that has had multiple civil wars and insurrections going on for years.


2017-11-05 Kenya (AllAfrica) Kenya is experiencing its worst political crisis in more than a decade, prompting some politicians to suggest extreme solutions – including the division of Kenya into two countries.

A first presidential election on 8 August was annulled by the Supreme Court because of gross irregularities. The second, held on 26 October, was boycotted by the opposition and marred by more questions surrounding its credibility. Both votes took place against a backdrop of increasing political violence, including dozens of deaths.

Although President Uhuru Kenyatta has been declared the winner of the controversial second vote, with a majority of more than 98% thanks to the opposition’s no-show, the crisis is by no means over. Opposition leader Raila Odinga has refused to accept the result, describing the election as ‘shambolic’.

‘This election must not stand … It will make a complete mockery of elections and might well be the end of the ballot as a means of instituting government in Kenya. It will completely destroy public confidence in the vote,’ said Odinga in a speech in Nairobi on Tuesday.


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