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More details emerge regarding the arrest of Iranian convert Abdol Ali Pourmand, a member of the Message of Peace house church in Dezful who was captured on October 19th. Sources reveal that security authorities raided his home when he was gone, confiscating some Bibles and Christian CDs. He was later called the Ministry of Intelligence, who summoned him to their office where he was arrested. It is not unusual for Iranian Christians to be arrested in this manner, and authorities have cracked down on Christians in Dezful. The Iranian regime is worried about the number of Christian converts in the country and are doing everything they can to discourage others from converting.


11/02/2017 Iran (Christians in Pakistan) –  As indicted by the sources ,another individual named Abdol-Ali Pourmand (Elyas) from the Payam-e Aramesh (Message of Peace) house church in Dezful, was captured on October 19, 2017 and moved to Ahwaz.

According to the sources, the security authorities assaulted Mr. Pourmand’s home when he was working on his farm. Regular clothes security authorities looked through his home altogether in his absence and confiscated a few Bibles and Christian CDs.

Afterward, Mr. Pourmand got a call from the Ministry of Intelligence. He was summoned to their office in Dezful. He went to the minitry’s office and was captured on the spot.

Three days after his capture, on October 21, 2017, Mr. Pourmand was permitted to influence a short telephone to call to his family. Amid the call he told his family that he is told he won’t be held there for long.

Mr. Pourmand has been hitched for two months and is at present isolated from his new lady of the hour.

Three different Christians have been captured in Dezful as of late. Sources acquired affirmed reports of them being beaten in jail and undermined that in the event that they don’t repudiate their confidence in Christ and move in the opposite direction of their Christian faith they will be forced to leave the country or be beaten to death.

Mistreatment of Christians in the south-western province of Khuzestan has strengthened over the most recent a little while, particularly in the city of Dezful.

Another individual from the Payam-e Aramesh (Message of Peace) house church, Mohammad Ali Torabi, otherwise called Davoud, had likewise been captured at his work put on October 10, 2017. He was exchanged to Ahwaz instantly after his arrest. His family was additionally informed that he will be discharged soon, however he has not yet been discharged.

The Islamic regime of Iran has been utilizing distinctive techniques, including provocation, fear, arrest and heavy sentences to persecute Christians throughout the last three and a half decades, particularly Farsi speaking Christians in the nation. On numerous occasions International Human Rights and Religious

Watchdog organizations have denounced the Islamic administration for its abuse of Christians, yet they preclude all reports from claiming Christian mistreatment.

In spite of Iranian government’s broad projects for spreading Shi’ite Islam and rebuffing transformation to different religions by death, grasp of Christianity among Iranians residents has been on the ascent the nation over.


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