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By Tony Laudadio

10/26/2017 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) — On May 26 of this year, Islamic militants in Egypt launched a major attack on a caravan of Coptic worshippers and workmen headed to Saint Samuel Monastery in Minya. The attack claimed the lives of more than 35 Christians and left almost 30 more injured.

Among the victims were six workmen from Deir Al-Garnous. International Christian Concern (ICC) has been monitoring the aftermath and recently intervened to help the families of two of the Deir Al-Garnous victims. Eid Ishaq Menkerios Marzouk is survived by his wife Fayza Hanna Touma and six adult children, including four married daughters—Marian (age 31), Wafa (age 29), Hanaa (age 27), and Nadia (age 25)—and two single boys—Ishaq and Reda. Ishaq is 20 years old and Reda is 18 years old.

The second victim ICC assisted, Wahib Edward Fanous Younan, is survived by his wife Mariam Aziz Fahim and four young children—his sons Edward (age 10) and Hedra (age 6) and his daughters Marina (age 15) and Wafa (age 13). All of the children except Wafa are in school.

As both men were the primary breadwinners in their families, ICC looked for a way to help Fayza and Mariam continue to provide for their families. Fayza and Mariam decided that raising goats to sell their milk and cheese would be the best way to make a living. After talking with the widows, ICC provided each one with a flock of one male and 15 female goats.

Upon receiving the assistance, Mariam said, “My children and I thank ICC so much for standing with us, providing us with these goats; we appreciate that so much.” Fayza expressed similar gratitude, “My children and I thank you ICC for standing with us and making the goats project for us. May God bless you ICC.”

It is a blessing to have been able to help Fayza’s and Mariam’s families, but life remains grim for most Christians in Egypt. Christians are still frequent targets of terror attacks such as the Palm Sunday attacks or the evacuation of over 350 families from El-Arish earlier this year. Persecuted and displaced Christians in Egypt cannot rely on support from their government that has done little to stand for vulnerable minority populations. Please continue to pray for Egypt’s Christian victims of terror and for eventual peace and acceptance in Egypt.