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Six police officers accused of beating a Christian teen to death earlier this month have been arrested and charged with murder. The Christian teen Arsalan Masih, was targeted by the police officers after he got into a confrontation with Muslim classmates who were trying to convert him to Islam. According to reports, one of the six police officers accused of beating Masih to death is the uncle of one of the Muslim classmates Masih fought with earlier in the day. Discrimination against Christians in Pakistan is widespread and can, at times, lead to outright violence against their community if a Christian has a conflict with a member of the Muslim community. Hopefully Masih and his family will receive the justice they deserve in this case. 

10/31/2017 Pakistan (Christian Post) – Six police officers in Pakistan have been arrested and charged with murder after they allegedly beat to death a Pakistani Christian teenager earlier this month, according to human rights advocates.

The London-based charity British Pakistani Christian Association reported that the six officers accused of killing 17-year-old Arslan Masih in the town of Sheikhupura in the Punjab province of Pakistan have been charged under sections 148, 149 and 302 of the Pakistani penal code.

Masih, who was a student at Ideal Science Academy, reportedly got into a fight with a Muslim bully when the bully pressured him to convert to Islam. According to BPCA, Masih won the fight. However, the Muslim bully’s uncle was a local police officer.

BPCA reports that on Oct. 9, the boy’s uncle, Constable Sardar Bilu, went to Masih’s school with five of his colleagues and confronted the teen. Although Masih apologized for fighting the man’s nephew, his apology did not suffice.

The police officers demanded that Masih leave the school and go with them to the police station. Although a teacher tried to intervene to protect Masih, the officers allegedly abused and slapped the teacher. After Masih tried to stop the officers from beating the teacher, he became the focus of the assault.

According to BPCA, Masih was beaten with lathis and pistol whipped in front of his classmates. After the police officers dropped Masih’s body on the side of the road, the unconscious Masih was taken to a medical clinic where he was announced dead on arrival.

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