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ICC Note:

The Chinese government is hostile towards Christians because they consider them a threat to their ideals. Therefore, they try to prevent Christian communities from growing or helping any other communities, especially North Korean defectors. In the last year, China has sent around 1000 South Korean pastors back home, resulting in disbandment of most South Korean religious communities in the country. The Chinese government believes that the South Korean pastors close to the border support and assist North Korean defectors. Thus, they capture, torture and deport these pastors without anyone to hold them accountable.  

10/30/2017 China (Korea Herald) –Three local governments in northeastern China have sent home hundreds of South Korean religious people operating there since late last year and taken measures to have their churches closed, as China is expected to implement ramped-up regulations to control religious activities early next year, sources close to the situation said Monday.

From late last year to the first half of this year, the authorities in the three provinces — Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang — had hundreds out of around 1,000 South Korean pastors and missionaries living there leave China, resulting in the disbandment of most South Korean religious communities there. All South Korean churches in Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province, were closed as of early this month

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