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Christians in Ludhiana protested against police inaction following the desecration of St. Mary’s Church in Ama Nagar. According to local Christians, police have done little to bring the culprits of the crime to justice. In India, radicals engaging in acts of Christian persecution often enjoy an atmosphere of impunity for their crimes. Unfortunately, this impunity often encourages the radicals to engage in larger and more intense instances of persecution. This, coupled with anti-minority rhetoric used by government officials, is a major reason why attacks on Christians and their places of worship are skyrocketing.  

10/30/2017 India (The Tribune India) – Residents in large numbers today protested outside the Salem Tabri police station, accusing the police of inaction in a theft case reported from St. Mary’s Church at Aman Nagar a few days ago.

The protesters alleged they had been doing the rounds of the police officials’ offices who just made hollow promises. “The church was broken into and desecrated as well. The thieves ransacked 10 rooms attached to the church and its office. They broke the sacred vessels as well as offertory boxes. This is not an isolated case as a similar burglary was also reported at the church in Noorpur village. We suspect the same persons who murdered Pastor Sultan Masih are behind the burglary at the church,” the protesters said.

They said the community felt insecure in the country, especially in Ludhiana.

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