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A Pastor in Zanzibar has been falsely accused of child abuse and been acquitted on two prior occasions for the same case. According to Morning Star News, ta young girl had gone to a local church and caused a ruckus. Then the Pastor, Yohana Madai, took the girl to the police to ensure that nothing bad happened. He thought the incident was then taken care of, but the next day, he was summoned back to the police station. He was then arrested. This was more than a year ago, and has still not been finished. Even though he has been acquitted multiple times, it keeps coming back.


2017-10-29 Tanzania (MorningStarNews) Somalia’s Islamist group al Shabaab on Thursday publicly stoned a woman to death in a town in the south for cheating on her husband, an official told Reuters.

Al Shabaab, which has been waging a war for years to topple the Horn of Africa country’s western-backed government, seeks to bring in rule based on its strict interpretation of sharia law.

Sheikh Mohamed Abu Abdalla, Al shabaab’s governor for Somalia’s Jubba regions in the south, said Habiba Ali Isak, a 30-year-old mother of eight children, was killed by stoning in Sakow on Thursday afternoon.

Sakow, a town about 515 km (320 miles) southwest of the capital Mogadishu, is in an area entirely under al Shabaab’s control.

Members of al Shabaab have in the past handed out harsh punishments for religious infractions including hacking off of limbs for alleged thieves and public executions.

Isak lived with her legal husband and children in Hagar village in Jubba, but cheated on her husband after she told him she was traveling to Mogadishu to visit her relatives, Abdalla said.



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