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ICC Note:

Prayer is indeed a powerful tool; thus, a group of Christians in the UK have gathered together to pray for those who are suffering under the North Korean regime. Despite the oppression that North Korean Christian face, the new opportunities for influence arise. The economy in North Korea is less easily controlled than it was under the old communist form. Even though the information that was previously blocked by the regime can enter the country more easily now, there is still a lot to do for the persecuted.

10/27/2017 North Korea (Christian Headlines) – An International Prayer Day for North Korea was recently held in Westminster in the UK where Christians joined together to pray for those who are suffering persecution under the regime of Kim Jong-un.

According to, speakers at the prayer event urged Christians to take action to help persecuted North Korean believers.

Zoe Smith of the persecution charity Open Doors–which has ranked North Korea as the worst country for Christian persecution for the fifteenth year in a row, said that prayer was a powerful weapon to bring an end to the oppressive North Korean regime.

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