Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:

Christian asylum seekers who escaped from Pakistan after being accused of blasphemy are experiencing serious hardships in Thailand. Unfortunately that is the case for several Christians who have died from diseases such as asthma, depression and diabetes as a result of the lack of medical facilities and resources. Moreover, Pakistani Christians still experience harassment and lack of food. Pakistani Christians are constantly being exploited in Thailand when they are barely making enough money to feed their families. Christians want peace in the country but are unable to access their basic necessities.

10/27/2017 Thailand (Christians in Pakistan) – Thailand is a country of business and tourism but from last many years it’s became an impermanent homeland for displaced people who come from over 20 different nationalities.  While the majority are from Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and also from Iraq, Somalia, Iran, Burma, Cambodia and many other countries.

The situation of Christian asylum seekers in Thailand is getting worst day by day. These Pakistani Christians have been forced into an exodus from Pakistan after being persecuted by blasphemy laws, forced conversions and accusations of preaching amongst non-believers in order to convert them from Islam to Christian faith in Pakistan.

According to facts and figures more than 4,000 (Hundreds of families) Pakistani Christian people are here in Thailand as asylum seekers.

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