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Tensions continue to rise in the lead up to the re-election process in Kenya. So far, there have been numerous protest which have ended in violence and riot police. There have been several dozen deaths associated with these riots. It has caused many voters who live in the Oppositions stronghold cities to be too afraid to vote. This is a cause for concern as many see Kenya as the bastion for decency and civilization in the Horn of Africa. They need to show that they can successfully run their country without a lot of bloodshed to prove to East Africa that they are strong and prosperous.


2017-10-26 Kenya (Reuters) Kenyan opposition supporters clashed with police and threw up burning barricades on Thursday, seeking to derail an election rerun likely to return Uhuru Kenyatta as president of East Africa’s chief economic and political powerhouse.

In the western city of Kisumu, stone-throwing youths heeding opposition leader Raila Odinga’s call for a voter boycott were met by live rounds, tear gas and water cannon. Gunfire killed one protester and wounded three others, a nurse said. Reuters found no polling stations open there.

Riot police fired tear gas in Kibera and Mathare, two volatile Nairobi slums. Protesters set fires in Kibera early in the morning and in Mathara a church was firebombed and a voter attacked.

Around 50 people have been killed, mostly by security forces, since the original Aug. 8 vote. The Supreme Court annulled Kenyatta’s win in that poll on procedural grounds and ordered fresh elections within 60 days, but Odinga called for a boycott amid concerns the poll would not be free and fair.



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