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ICC Note:

Even though the Philippines military siege in Marawi City is over, the future conflicts and the government’s creation of a new law could increase Christian persecution in the region. The Philippines government is in the process of creating a Bangsamoro Basic Law, which means that the entire area in the South Philippines will be under Islamic control with its own power. The autonomous Islamic Region could increase Christian persecution in the South Philippines as it has been seen in other countries around the world that are under Islamic control. Unfortunately, Christian persecution continues not only to increase in South East Asia, but also to spread around the world.  

10/26/2017 Philippines (Mission Network News) – It left over 1,100 people dead, a number which is supposed to include over 900 militants. About 350,000 people have been displaced as a result.

The siege, which began on May 23 earlier this year, was a response to a takeover by Islamic extremists in an attempt to establish a foothold for ISIS in the southern Philippines.

For weeks, the ISIS black flag flew over the city and the extremist group reigned. But over the last five months, Philippines military has been fighting to regain control over the city, and it did. But with this victory comes a word of caution.

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