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Christians in Nagpur, India protested in the streets to demand additional cemetery land needed by their community. According to the Christians, the government has set aside enough land for Hindus and Muslims, but has not added any additional cemetery land for Christians. With their population continuing to grow, the previous cemetery has become full. Will the government of Nagpur listen to this simple demand from their Christian citizens? 

10/24/2017 India (Times of India) – Around 30 members of Christiya Ekta Samiti (CES) took to streets demanding a proper cemetery land for Christians on Monday.

The protest, which lasted for eight hours at Samvidhan Square, was organized under the guidance of Anil Sathe, retired PSI and president of CES, Nagpur.

Speaking to TOI, Sathe said, “The cemetery in Jaripatka was provided by the British. Currently, the graveyard is fully occupied and there is no space for funeral. The number of people in our community is increasing. So, we need a proper space for cemetery and funerals.”

Though the protest was silent this time, the members seemed determined to take the issue further till it gets resolved. Sathe said, “We tried to draw the state government’s attention to the issue earlier too but they conveniently ignored it. Now, we are going to send a deputation to the collector. We will also raise the issue in the upcoming winter session.”

The CES members said that there are many well-maintained cemeteries for Hindus and Muslims in the city but only one for Christians.

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