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The future for Christians in Vietnam does not look promising as they face increased restrictions and persecution. The first Law on Belief and Religious Freedom that was ratified last November significantly limits religious freedom in the country. In Vietnam, churches must register with the government, list all of its members, and even provide a list of sermon topics every year. USCINR has named Vietnam a country of particular concern every year since 2001.

10/24/2017 Vietnam (Mission Network News) – For Christians in Vietnam, the future is looking bleak. Last November, the country’s National Assembly ratified its first ever Law on Belief and Religion, which significantly limits religious freedom in the Buddhist-majority country.

The law doesn’t take effect until next January, but increases in persecution toward Christians are already evident. Tim Muret with Open Doors USA explains, “Vietnam is one of the most ethnically diverse societies in the Asia Pacific region, which means that the vast majority of citizens follow ethnic or tribal religion, or no religion at all. What that means is that Christians in the country are a clear minority, and that also means that the Protestant believers typically belong to an ethnic minority.

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