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The UN is reporting that the conditions in the Central African Republic are deteriorating even further than in the previous months. Clashes between the Muslim Seleka and Animist and Christian Anti-Balakas has turned even more violent and is causing many IDPs and refugees. It has increased to the point where the UN and NGOs are no longer able to operate safely or efficiently. They are saying that they will have to use totally new and different tactics in trying to stabilize the nation.


2017-10-20 CAR (VOA) The United Nations reports conditions in Central African Republic have continued to deteriorate since a serious outbreak of inter-communal violence in mid-May between the Muslim Seleka and largely Christian anti-Balaka armed groups.

Fighting in some parts of Central African Republic has become so intense that United Nations and private aid agencies have had to suspend their activities. The U.N. humanitarian coordinator in the C.A.R., Najat Rochdi, says security has become so bad in the East, agencies have had to change their mode of operations.

“We cannot do it anymore business as usual having bases, you know, here and there, but rather strengthening some hubs actually, around a number of cities where the security is much more important and from there fly in special emergency teams, a kind of surge teams,” she said.

Since January, the United Nations reports a 50 percent increase in the number of internally displaced people to 600,000. Refugee numbers also have increased to nearly one-half million.



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