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A pastor who in South Africa who went missing on October 16 was found murdered. He had last been seen in the company of several men at a gas station. His body was found tied and burned beyond recognition at a farm about 50 km from Johannesburg, where the church he started was located. The police are investigating the incident, but are unsure of who the culprits are or what their motive might have been.


2017-10-19 South Africa (ChristianTimes) A South African pastor who was recently reported missing was found burned beyond recognition at a farm in Magaliesburg on Tuesday.

Martin Beneke, founder and senior pastor at Life in Christ Network in Johannesburg, was reported missing on Oct. 16 and last seen driving his white double cab Nissan Navara at the Total petrol station on 14th Avenue in Fairland.

The 45-year-old pastor was reportedly found “burned beyond recognition” with his hands tied behind his back at a farm in Magaliesburg, 50 miles outside of Johannesburg.

Police spokesperson Kay Makhubela confirmed that it was Beneke’s body that was found at the farm.

Makhubela said that a farmer found Beneke’s body next to a burning white Nissan Navarro after he noticed smoke coming from the area.



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