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Christians in Nepal are in need of prayer as they face rising persecution. Since the passage of a new constitution in 2015, Christians in Nepal have been concerned with restrictions on evangelism. These fears were realized several months ago when Nepal’s parliament passed a law making religious conversion illegal. If or when this law goes into effect, many Christians and Christian ministries are concerned they will be arrested and imprisoned for simply living out their faith. 

10/18/2017 Nepal (One News Now) – Christians are lending their support to fellow believers in Nepal who now face even more persecution thanks to an anti-conversion law recently passed by parliament.

Christians in the South Asian country fear punishment could escalate because of the law that criminalizes religious conversions and evangelism.

The Tide global radio ministry broadcasts gospel programming in Nepal, where director Don Shenk says he isn’t sure how the law will affect their broadcasts into the country.

“Our prayer is that they can live out their Christian faith without fear of repercussions,” he says. “Secondly, that their lives will be a testimony that God works through them in a subtle way perhaps to open doors for conversation in private.”

Nepal, a Himilayan country of 29 million, is a majority-Hindu country that has been cracking down on other faiths since 2015, when a new constitution was passed.

Christians in Nepal have been attacked and arrested, and they are not allowed to bury their loved ones in public cemeteries, The Christian Post has reported.

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