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ICC Note:

Christians in China have been victims of persecution for a long time. Many pastors have been arrested for sharing the gospel in public areas and also forced to close down their churches. Chinese authorities are now imposing strict rules on religious education for children. In Zhejiang province, elementary and middle school children are not allowed to attend church or Sunday school during the summer. The media has not given enough attention to what is happening to persecuted Christians in South East Asia and the Middle East, even though it is a human rights issue.


10/18/2017 North Korea (Christianity Today) – A Chinese house church pastor, her daughter, and her young grandson have been arrested, weeks after being accused of overstepping the country’s newly tightened religious restrictions.

Chinese officials warned Xu Shizhen in August that publicly sharing her faith puts her in violation of the government policy. It wasn’t her first run-in with authorities; five years before, her previous church was forcibly seized by officials and given to China’s official Three-Self Patriotic Movement church, according to China Aid.

After that, she started Zion Church. By singing, dancing, and preaching in the parks and public spaces of Xianning, Hubei province, Xu’s ministry broke the new law, which confines most faith activities to the walls of registered churches.

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